Kingston Penitentiary Tour

For the first ever YCJP Summer Event, members and friends of the YCJP had the amazing experience of touring Kingston Penitentiary! As criminal justice students, stepping onto the grounds of the institution allowed attendees to witness, experience and learn about Canadian penology first hand. Though a decommissioned maximum secuirty facility, it is steeped in living hisotry: both good and bad. YCJP members appreciated the strides made towards effective and successful correctional objectives and policies, but they also recognized the errors and follies that hindered or prevented positive rehabilitation and reintegration. As some members are pursuing a career as a correctional officer, this experience and lessons learnt will undoubtedly benefit them in the future when it is them "walking the range."  

Justice Studies Career Fair

The YCJP assisted both Elizabeth Sheridan and Victoria Zarif, Police Foundations Event Coordinators, in the promotion and running of their bi-annual Justice Studies Career Fair. Attendees, similar to that of the YCJP Gala, were encouraged to speak and network with the array of justice agencies in order to build relationships, gather information and learn what is required in the application process for justice careers. 

Ontario Chiefs of Police Annual Member Meeting

Humber College was proud to host the OACP Zone 3 member meeting. The YCJP was honoured to be asked to assist with guiding the Chiefs and their guests to the appropiate location of the event. YCJP members were granted the opportunity to speak with the guests to glean insight into the roles, responsibilities and mind set of police leaders and to build rapport and relationships with the Ontario Chiefs of Police.

Humber College Open Houses and Orientations

The YCJP speak to prospective students on their educational and placement experience within the criminal justice program, what it means to be a Young Criminal Justice Professional and those in attendance are offered an open invitation to join the committee when they begin their tenure at Humber College.


3RD Annual YCJP Networking Gala

The YCJP were proud to host Chief Bryan M. Larkin of the Waterloo Regional Police Service as the keynote speaker for the evening. Nicknamed the Tweeting Chief, he spoke on the evolving role of social media in the criminal justice system. Guests were then invited to network with an array of justice agencies such as York Regional Police, CBSA, the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, Springboard Services, G4S and more!

Movie Screening - After Innocence

For Wrongful Conviction Day, the YCJP hosted a movie screening for the film After Innocenece. The film follows wrongfully convicted men freed by DNA evidence after decades in prison as they struggle to transition back into society. As criminal justice students it is vital that we fight for miscarriages of justice and recognize that sadly, innocence does not always mean not guilty.

CfE Grand Opening

Once the Administration Building of the Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital, it was left abandoned for over a decade, and after receiving a modern face lift, the Centre for Entrepreneurship was finally opened! The YCJP assisted with directing guests to the venue as well as managing the registration table.  

Criminal Justice Thesis Poster Presentation

Fourth year Bachelor of Applied Arts Criminal Justice students were proud to present their thesis, which they were tirelessly working on the entire year. Using both quanative and qualitative reseach methods to study an array of criminal justice issues, they presented their findings to Humber College faculty, staff, students as well as community agencies and partners. The YCJP was honoured to hear the final work of fellow criminal justice students and were happy to volunteer thier time for the event. 

Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital Tunnel Tour

To celebrate the holiday season and to learn a fraction of the history that occurred at Humber College's Lakeshore campus, the YCJP Executive Team arranged a Tunnel Tour for its members through the Lakeshore Grounds Interpretive Centre. Members were granted the rare opportunity to walk through the tunnels running underneath the campus and to explore the H Cottage attic. 

Humber College Open Houses and Orientations

The YCJP spoke to prospective students on their educational and placement experience within the criminal justice program, what it means to be a Young Criminal Justice Professional and those in attendance were offered an open invitation to join the committee when they begin their tenure at Humber College.


2ND Annual YCJP Networking Gala

The keynote for the YCJP Gala was Chief Kimberley Greenwood of the Barrie Police Service, who, rather than speaking on being the first woman Chief within her service, spoke on what it requires and means to be a leader. Attendees were offered the experience to speak candidly to Chief Greenwood during the networking portion of the evening as well as with over 20 justice agencies in attendance.

Movie Screening - Stanford Prison Experiment

When the pursuit of science crosses ethical lines, you get the Stanford Prison Experiment. Infamous psychologist Philip Zimbardo studied what happened when you put good people in an evil place. Standord students were randomly assigned one of two roles: Guard or Prisoner. What starts off as a simple social psychology experiment goes haywire when the Guards start abusing and torturing their fellow peers. After only 6 days, the experiment was ended!

2nd YCJP Networking Gala


1ST YCJP Networking Gala

Former Deputy Cheif Peter Sloly of the Toronto Police Services was the first keynote speaker for what would later become the annual YCJP Networking Gala. The YCJP founders' hope for the Gala, was to provide a forum for their fellow criminal justice students to meet and network with professionals in the field as well as witness the weath of career options available upon graduation. The YCJP Networking Gala continues to get bigger and better each year and has become a stellar example of what can be accomplished by a handful of dedicated students. 

1st YCJP Networking Gala